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LGB finally takes refuge in a bookshop . . . in Sweden!

There is no doubt that 'please take care of this book' is looking particularly battered by its travels across four continents, so is seeking refuge among its own kind in Saltsjö, although it seems to have gravitated towards a rather handsome four-legged furry - which must bring some recollection of home.

It is ceaselessly astonishing and reassuring to this author that in a world in such turmoil, human beings (and dogs), can and do perform so many acts of simple kindness,

With the escalating brinkmanship between Donald J. Trump and North Korea and the earthquakes, hurricanes and wars that are ravaging populations across the globe, how extraordinary that anyone would take time out of their day to fuel a poet's ego and take a photo of an odd little book and e mail it home.

You see, in this fractured, time-precious, work-focused and leisure-lax world, there is so little opportunity to take time out for anything that is not scheduled.

This project was always an attempt to promote the idea that much would be gained by people slowing down and attending to the minutae, and yet again readers have proved how possible this is.

Please take care of this book, may indeed look beaten up and less than pristine, but someone still has its back.

In the same way that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step, so tiny acts of kindness are infectious.

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