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Higher Wharfdale - The Dale Of Romance

by Edmund Bogg

The mission was to find a book that would perfectly portray the sentiments explored in'please take care of this book'. Auditioning for the main role took place with all the enthusiasm and pedantry of a Hollywood casting. Friends and family gathered piles of small green books from jumble sales, charity shops and antique fairs, the choice was overwhelming, until finally a very tatty book turned up, perfectly proportioned for the photo shoots and whats more it's elaborately illustrated title read "Higher Wharfdale - The Dale Of Romance' - job done! 


First published in 1904 with "nearly two hundred illustrations' and over three hundred and fifty pages, this book was clearly a huge labour of love by the author. Reviving it on the pages of 'please take care of this book' was a delight and perfectly demonstrated the theme behind the whole project.


Descendants of Edmund Bogg

Finding any descendants of Edmund has been a real challenge. It seems he married Fanny and had 4 children only one of whom seems to have survived. Florence, born in 1885, married George Noble Kerton, a bookkeeper and woollen manufacturer in 1905 but no records of any children have yet been sourced. George and Florence lived in Huby, Leeds, moved to Rigton and ended up in Barrowby, Thirsk. Both of them died in Northallerton, George died in 1960 aged 80 at Friarage hospital and Florence died in 1948 aged 63.

Who is Guy Yoxall?

One hundred and one years ago in December 1913 a certain Guy YOXALL was given Edmund BOGG's book as a Christmas present. Whilst the recipient's name is clear, the initials of the donor are not, maybe 'ASA' or 'AST' but are there that many Yoxall's out there?

How interesting if we could track down Guy and complete the story of this enthusiastically penned book.

If you have any information in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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