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Malham Cove Launch

In September 2014, two bona fide bodyguards, suited and booted with earpieces visible, walked up the steep trail to the top of the Yorkshire beauty spot Malham Cove guarding nothing more than a small green book. The location was chosen as a tribute to Edmund Bogg, whose original book featured in all of the photographs within the small tome they were holding .Ramblers and birdwatchers alike watched this incongruous scene unfold as the two silent, ominous strangers left 'please take care of this book' by Suzanne J. Cairns on a limestone escarpment at the top of the cliff face before quietly descending into the valley.


The book sat alone on its perch waiting to see if anyone would pick it up and follow the instructions inside. Those instructions were simple , , , please take care of this book!


In fact, the subsequent adventures of this book of poetry and poems are told in 'please take care of this book too - twelve steps home'.

Assessing The Terrain
Casing The Climb To Come
Mingling With The Locals
Surveying The Terrain
A Small Green Book Is Left To Its Fate
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