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please take care of this book too - twelve steps home


As 'please take care  of this book' gained interest and momentum during its travels through the British countryside, author Suzanne J Cairns was intrigued by the distance covered and the lives touched by its words.


To celebrate those who had taken part in the project, Suzanne decided to write another volume. This time, rather than tipping her hat to Edmund Bogg, she wanted to acknowledge the role of the reader - or at least those who look after books.


Combining her skills with Elizabeth J. Saunders'please take care of this book too', follows the journey of the first book on its way back to its authors' shelf from Malham Cove to the Berkshire Downs.


Once again poetry and photographs are combined but, this time, to express the emotions of a small book as it passes through different pairs of hands.  In addition, there are twelve short stories detailing the various characters who act as custodians for the book on its various adventures. With the customary charm, wit, sadness and humour, the reader is drawn further into the world of books and their role in it.

the photographs

Whilst the photographs in the first of the 'please take care of this book' series focus on Edmund Bogg's small tatty tome, in the second, the spotlight is on the twelve pairs of hands that Suzanne J. Cairns' book passes through.


Giving a hint of how the small tome might be treated with its various custodians, the images juxtapose with the poems and the stories to give the reader a broader experience. 

Excerpts from the twelve stories and tasters of the poetry can be found here

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