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Suzanne J. Cairns

Suzanne J. Cairns has always had a love affair with words, she studied them at University for her graduate and post-graduate years, in fact as all those close to her will testify, she often has far too many! Writing in many guises to keep Red Riding Hood safe, she is also seduced by images, having exhibited her paintings and designed interiors over the years. 


The 'please take care of this book' project began with the observation that in this fast moving world in which we live, there are clear parallels between the way we read our fiction these days and the way we treat our relationships. Downloading our partners, and our libraries, from the internet with one click we can delete both,  as we are caught in the turbulence of our accelerating, consumer-driven lives.


The first book, 'please take care of this book' - the parable of topsy', juxtaposes images of a tatty, lovingly-crafted account of the Yorkshire Dales in the early 1900's against the poetry of a burgeoning romance and its tortuous decline. With wit and charm, the message to look after those things that have moved us is gentle but direct.


This small green book of poetry was launched on Malham Cove and as a result of the photographs that readers sent to the author, 'please take care of this book too - twelve steps home' was conceived, exploring the various ways in which individuals choose to handle their lives -and their books in a collaboration with Elizabeth J. Saunders.

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