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Robert Jefferson - Journalism Professor, Temple University Japan, TV News Writer NHK World

What a wonderful book of poetry, Suzi!  I love it. The pictures are beautiful! Well done. Thank you for sharing it with me. I truly enjoyed reading your work and will refer back to it often for inspiration!


Cynthia Stamy - Specialist Reader at The Literary Consultancy and author of Marianne Moore and China: Orientalism and a Writing of America.

Cairns offers the reader a consistently enchanting and sublime collection of poems and photographs which chart the tender tango of a relationship.  Her images, by turns fraught and whimsical, conspire to capture the love and fear, the joy and pain, that inhabit us all. Please take care of this book deserves a place on every shelf.’


Charles Linden - Anxiety Recovery Expert, Author TV presenter

"The philosophy of this book speaks, not only, to the soul, but also to the sense of tradition, sentimentality and ownership that only a printed book can generate. It's ethos is simple - we own nothing, everything is borrowed and it is our job as generators and recorders of social history, to be the custodians of all, be it words, images or more profoundly each other. Everyone needs to read this book... it's soul food!


Kieran Daly - English Literature Professor, Tokyo, Japan

Your work is exquisite. Now you must read it aloud and share it around the globe.

LS -School Teacher Dartmouth

A beautifully written and thought-provoking book.....

perhaps a reminder to us all to cherish what is important in life.


MB - Translator & Author, Barcelona, Spain

I liked your book very much – nice images and progression of mood, and the photos were evocative – humorous and at the same time wistful, bleak, even.


DJS - Aeronautical Engineer, Devon

The author's starkly contrasted use of literal photography and evocative poetry provides a fascinating view of the contemporary meld of literature, emotion and life.


RM- IT Administrator, Berkshire

Really enjoyed it! If only we could all protect ourselves with bubble wrap


MB - Lay Reader, Essex

Suzanne has given us a creative and compassionate look at love and life told with passion and gentle humour, a worthy addition to any shelf.

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