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Anxiety and Misery of Terrorism Captured in Spanish Sculpture

How ironic that shortly after receiving an image from the memorial stone that commemorates those killed in New York in the September 11th disaster, a reader of 'please take care of this book' has sent this photograph from Spain.

Not as iconic as the World Trade Centre has become, but perhaps more moving, Victor Ochoa's imposing sculpture in Cartagena is dedicated to all those affected by the horrors of terrorism. Standing at 5 metres high and weighing two tons, Ochoa's emotive bronze was consecrated by the local Mayor and a representative of the charity Victims of Terrorism making a powerful statement about the opposition to man's inhumanity to man in this area of Spain.

LGB feels privileged to be nestled in the arms of this compelling image and is grateful to the reader for taking the time to send in this photograph. sic x


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