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A little book reminds us that change will come

This extraordinary planet is constantly offering up rafts of contrasting experiences. For all the dark in the world, there is light, for all the sorrow encountered there is, somewhere, joy and bliss.

It is so easy to get locked into one point of view, one position, but wait long enough - turn your eye to a different horizon, adjust your compass, and change can be found.

Similarly as we negotiate, not perhaps the coldest winter but certainly a grey and dark one here in the UK, our intrepid hero LGB has escaped to the balmy temperatures of an Australian summer.

Here is a photo of 'please take care of this book' basking on Cabarita beach in New South Wales, accompanied by the scantily-clad surfer dudes on the east coast.

So as we pull on our wellies and grumble about the cold infiltrating our bones, its worthwhile remembering that on the other side of the world, folk are sweltering. Reassuringly, our time will come, Summer will arrive here in its customary fashion - and many will complain about the heat.

LGB is in exotic climes, but maybe all that little book wants is its own shelf in a home where it is appreciated, even if it is a bit chilly.

Thanks for the photograph reader. sjc x

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