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Hurricane Irma, a little green book and cloud nine?

The world watched as stunning satellite images tracked Hurricane Irma as she stalked her prey across the Caribbean. The subsequent media coverage of the carnage across Barbuda, Anguilla and St, Martins reflected livelihoods lost, communities devastated and government officials and aid agencies red-faced,

Lumbering towards the mainland of Florida, like a greedy behemoth looking for a tasty snack after an obscenely glutinous meal, Irma licked her lips, flicked her tail across the peninsula before heading northwards.

And what do you know. . . a small green book of poetry and pictures was hauled up in Cedar Key in a place called Cloud Nine, having been evacuated, to sit out the storm.

It really is ridiculous where LGB turns up.

Thank you reader, glad you are safe sjc xx

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