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LGB becomes a green warrior !

We may have just reached a seasonal low in the UK, with school doors closing and sleds being excavated from dusty sheds as the landscape turned from green to white, but please take care of this book has been spied in a terrain far more uses to the white stuff.

A photo of LGB draped on a twig outside the Finnish parliament building in Helsinki shows how extraordinarily versatile the little tome is when faced with different climates.

Of course this little book of poetry and photos, whilst brought alive by the touch of a human soul in the same way that all literature is, is a simple inanimate object which is not really challenged by its environment.

However, LGB has often generated debate as a result of where it is photographed. Of course it is extraordinary that it's travels have taken it from snow caps to deserts, but what it highlights above all is what a wonderfully diverse planet we all inhabit,

As climate change, deservedly, rises to the top of global political agendas LGB has become, in some small way, a mascot for the fabulous diversity of landscapes that this world enjoys, illustrating the desperate need we now have to maintain that diversity by altering our behaviours and preserving our environments,

Heavens it seems LGB has inadvertently become a green warrior. Who knew?

Thanks for the photo reader, sjc xx

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