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Alone, but not abandoned, in the harshest environment yet

We may well be struggling to negotiate August in the UK without an umbrella, but it is a parasol that my poor little book of poetry is in need of right now,

Today, photographs arrived of 'please take care of this book' in probably the most extreme and remote environment that it has ever had to endure - and that is saying something!

Sossusvlei is a major tourist attraction, but only for the most intrepid traveller. Namibia's desert known for its extraordinary Red sand dunes, that have featured on so many posters over the years, is an imposing, beautiful and yet terrifying place.

Any human being would be aware of their fragility in this arid, primordial world and it is just extraordinary that somehow my words have shared in this grandeur,

LGB may look rather battered, as it balances on the abandoned car wreck, but it is still being carried around, it is still clearly cherished by someone for which I am honoured, touched and immensely grateful,

Thank you reader sjc xx

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