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A little green book seeks solace in San Francisco's Castro

It comes as no surprise that please take care of this book, or LGB as the small travelling tome of photographs and poetry is fondly referred to, has finally been spotted in San Francisco, The Castro District has become synonymous with LGBT issues since the 1960s and continues to be a hub of activism for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights in the USA.

Currently, with Donald J. Trump at the helm of The White House, LGBT issues have come under siege in a manner which has been absent for a generation, so it seems entirely fitting that a book extolling love, compassion and kindness is keen to show its face and lend its voice to The Castro's cries for diversity and tolerance.

As ever the little book is overshadowed by its environment. Whether expansive landscapes or bustling metropolises, LGB always seems small. However tiny words are as powerful as any machinery or mountain. Think what those three little words, " I love you", have manifested throughout the history of humanity,

Words are Trojans, Use them kindly. Thanks for the photo reader, sjc x

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