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LGB Emerges on Easter Island!

There has been a recent lull in correspondence from my little prodigy in recent months, which given the state of the world politically, as well as environmentally, is really no surprise.

However, today it was with enormous joy that I received a really extraordinary photograph from one of my fabulous readers.

It seems that LGB, has found sanctuary in one of the most remote locations on the planet, and while looking extremely battered, it is with enormous relief that I saw that 'please take care of this book' was being cared for on The Easter Island!!

Yes that's right LGB is among the Moai sculptures dating back to 1200 AD.

My tiny tome is nestled in this World Heritage Site, still broadcasting a message of kindness and tolerance. A heart-warming thought on a cold, post festive January day in the UK.

Thank you reader for these amazing photos sjc x

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