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A lesson in green from Michigan

After finding peace, refuge, the solace of a bookshelf and a furry friend in Sweden, LGB is once again seen in the great outdoors in the latest picture from the United States.

Crossing continents, please take care of this book has been photographed lake-side in Ottawa National Forest - a million acre swathe of green in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

It is consistently intriguing for me as the author of this small green tome, that readers send me images of my book of poetry in the great outdoors.

Perhaps those who are drawn to my words are also drawn to the natural world? Photographs have come from Alaska, New Zealand, Cebu, Australia, Africa and all across the US which feature a small book made smaller by the landscape it inhabits,

Although the book is in some ways diminished by its environment, it feels to me as though it is celebrating the grandeur of the natural world and putting man's part in that wonder in an altogether more appropriate perspective.

We are all now familiar with the stunning images of earth taken from outer space, reminding the human race what a beautiful planet they inhabit and yet relentlessly seem to tarnish and destroy.

Pictures of LGB in these magnificent natural environs do the same thing.

The green book is nothing compared to the flora and fauna surrounding it, the words are mere ants - and that is precisely how it should be.

Thank you reader sjc xx

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