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'please take care of this book' re-emerges on the Isle of Wight

All has been very quiet of late regarding the travels of please take care of this book. Our last encounter with the little green book of poetry was in the extravagant and sultry climes of Laos, however it seems that LGB has currently found an equally balmy but rather more verdant resting place nearer to home.

Yesterday, I received some wonderful photographs of my book from the Isle of Wight, Whether indulging in the history and mystery of Carisbrooke Castle, enjoying a nostalgic ride on a Steam train (reminiscent of the adventures in please take care of this book too ) or supporting the rescued animals at the Donkey Sanctuary it is clear that this small tome is in good shape and being looked after.

Great to know that readers here in Blighty are still engaged in supporting this project's ambition to take care of the small things in this chaotic, hyperactive world of ours.

Thank you for taking the time to send your lovely photos reader. sjc xx

Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle

LGB lies in the ruins

Poetry on a train - Isle of Wight Steam Railway

Finding sanctuary with the donkeys

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