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In the shadow of Coleridge

There are times in life that regardless of how much work you've have done on self-esteem issues, that circumstances collude to put you firmly in your place.

please take care of this book, is clearly experiencing one such circumstance in the photos sent in from Watchet harbour today.

In 1797, romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge walked over the Quantock hills with his friend and fellow poet William Wordsworth, from his home in Nether Stowey, and came across Watchet which is said to have been the inspiration for his epic poem, The Ancient Mariner,

In 2003 as part of the Watchet Regeneration Programme, the Watchet Market House Museum Society decided to finally commemorate this link between Coleridge and the town by commissioning a statue.

Sculptor Alan B. Herriot, of Penicuik, Scotland crafted a seven-foot high effigy of the mariner under which LGB looks appropriately overshadowed,

Always good to take a reality check.:) Thank you reader sjc xx

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